GarrysMod Parkour

It’s an organized compilation of videos I recorded in one session on one of the very few left Parkour servers available.

This is Team AWOL’s Parkour server that is a modified version of the old GPK. The server is Australian but I’ve seen plenty of American based players on every now and then. So feel free to join.

Music ~
Metal Gear Peace Walker - Outer Heaven
The Glitch Mob - Drive it like you stole it

Looks awesome, nice video about the gamemode.

Awesome at best. I like the music choice.

Have you got an IP for this server? I’d love to have a go at this.


Oh, nevermind. It’s in the video description.

What addons did you use??

this is so fucking awesome. this will definitely be on my priority to do list when i finally get my own computer and gmod. so awesome. :bravo:

looks cool.

Addon? Nah this is all coded into the gamemode which is a modification of the old GPK. It’s different and doesn’t really resemble parkour anymore seeing as you can perform some crazy jumps but that’s where all the fun is.

Good to know everyone likes it, planning to make another one soon using the Source Recorder showcasing skills of users on the server.

When they all bounced at the start:


Looks very cool.

That was so tight. I want to try this now.

what was the name of that song?

They were in the credits, but for questions sake I’ll put them here as well. They were

Metal Gear Peace Walker - Outer Heaven
The Glitch Mob - Drive it like you stole it

I’m surprised you didn’t notice it was 2 songs? :stuck_out_tongue:

Would there be an addon that would allow you to wallrun or walljump like in the video?

i want

The closest thing I can think of for the video would be the Perfected Climb SWEP
They are actually quite similar with the swep being a tad bit more realistic then what we can achieve on the server.

Awesome. At first when everyone was dying at the start of the video I thought “what is this shit?” but the first-person running footage later on in a pair was really cool. The trails are a weirdly nice graphical touch. It’s like some peaceful version of Crackdown’s climbing and acrobatics, only more fluid and in first person.

Good video. I’d join the server, but the update is screwing it right now.