garrysmod phx problem

Hi, i have installed PHX via the tortoise svn client and it messed up the garrysmod textures. I have cleaned out gmod so it works properly now here is a pic if u want to see
What is the problem? i dont have CSS atm but is that the problem or can it be something with my computer?

Did it work before you installed PHX?
If so, it’s probably A corrupted install, you removed something you shouldn’t have, or both.

Simply remove the Gmod folder and reinstall VIA steam if all else fails.

the thing is that it worked before and it works now i reinstalled whole game, but i want to dl PHX only have the premium models atm. I used the tortoise SVN wich does the download automatically if u post in an URL into the little program. And it happend right after i downloaded from that.

Well, Since I don’t know the installation instructions, if you do know the correct folder to install to, then try installing.
If it’s the files, or you want to be safe, and not just a corrupt installation or some crap
Then install the PHX3 to a seperate folder on your desktop, then move the files into the correct place, probably Via copy so you know what files to delete it doesn’t work, and any replacing files you should back up.

A really good SVN tutorial.

tyvm for ur answers gonna check out that guide