Garrysmod Problems

Okay hello again facepunch!

I been latey having problems with garrys mod which was (this topic tells all). I fixed the problem later today with the command someone provide me (-dxlevel 81). It was nice of the person to hand It to me but there Is one thing when I lunched garrysmod, my garrysmod went overflow In what I mean by this, My garrysmod Is too wide like when your in a server that have like a very cool header with status and shit. It starts to go off screen. Also the worst thing Is, garrysmod Is laggy too shit. Can someone please tell me how I can fix this simple problem? I just my gmod not so wide and not laggy when In server. Thanks for reading this topic.

Okay here is the problem that I’m having to have this not cause my garrysmod running slow or so wide.

In my garrys mod settings i have widescreen(16:9) selected. With the resolution of one choice. So there must be something wrong then am i right?

try 16:10

Don’t allow

you can add -w <val> -h <val> to the command line to force a custom resolution.

-h 1024 -w 768

i will give it a try thanks for the tip :smiley: