Garrysmod Quick Tutorial : Destructability

Hey FP,

So I havent noticed many tutorials on youtube discussing and teaching the concept of destructability using force welds and such, and if there was a couple, they were poorly edited and had poor quality, so I made my own descriptive, basic, and short tutorial on making your own destructables.

So if you can give me some feedback on what I can do to improve my tutorial , that would be great.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Its good but I think most the people knew this already.

Was good: Brisk pacing; clear - Didn’t know it already

You should check out webbugts tutorial its pretty good he done a tut on force limit welds and such.

Actually I also wanted to know if you guys think I should make more of these ?

When you answer could you base it off the destructability tutorial, I dont know if I should continue tuts or work on films and such.

Thanks, i might plan on using this.

You should make more.

Just for using that song, this video becomes instantly awesome.

Will do.


Aha, I was listening to it recently when I was making the tut and I decided to put it in, glad you liked it :slight_smile: