GarrysMod screensavers RATE AND CRITIQUE PLEASE

The First one is called “Zombie Grave Background” and can be found here: This was my first screensaver ever made and I was not wanting it to be the last so I made the second one which is called “fast zombie, hill of heads bg” and can be found here: The third one is called GameZombie_A Game Addiction it is my most recent Bg and I think my best Bg to date and I hope everyone else likes them as well and it can be found here: I like them all very much but of course I do, I made them. But what I want to know is if all the other people out there like what I have made, if so please comment and if you dont like it please post why and what you would like to see in the near future. I’am always looking for new ideas, I like zombies alot but I’am almost open for anything so let me know what you would like to have as a screensaver. (I have just completed a new bg and will release it soon, just want to do some touch up work) If you read all this, than heres a cookie.

Thank You and hope to hear from someone soon.

I like the second one.

First one is empty on the right.

i liked the Third one its Perfect For a Gmod BG

I don’t like the lack of content on the first one, the second one has good lighting but needs blood on the skulls; as for the third one, I like it a lot.