Garrysmod server Admin Mod

Wich admin mod is best?

  1. AssMod
  2. ULX
  3. Evolve

Do u have another better one thats free please paste a link or name in chat.

What’s “best”?

Try each one and see which suits your needs best.

I personally belive that ASS is the best. Evolve seems a little to weird and ulx says commands out loud ex !slap bob “someone slapped bob” even though it says your name

I choose ULX because it is simple, has a good menu and its easily modifiable.

Do it through the ulx menu, or console.

True but i belive it should not announce it at all like assmod in perp, it just does it, players should not be able to question administrator actions by calling out one and bitching about punishments

It is down to preference. Look into all three and see which one you prefer. What one person might like, another might hate. Some gamemodes also have better integration with a specific admin mod too so that might be something worth taking into consideration.


I stick with ULX because I’ve made a ton of custom commands and it works well with TTT.

Its public humiliation…best punishment XD

  1. If you have admins who are doing things that are ‘questionable’ then you have bigger problems than which admin mod is best.

  2. If someone bitches and complains about a legitimate action against them, just ban them.


Exsto is my personal favourite, but so is ASS. ULX? Not so great.

I like ULX the most, its basic but fits my needs.

I use ULX on all of my servers.

If you happen to get an updated version of Evolve, you should use it.
You can ask someone to give it to you, but I doubt they will give you one. Or, you can fix it yourself.

But if cannot do either of the above, use ULX. It is…uhm…moderate admin mod, but you can do the most important and basic things with it.

I think i will try the exsto beacuse as he asi i head its a good comibination with ass and im runing a perp 3.5 server

Why should you run two admin mods when you could run one?

Two ban lists, two rank systems, what’s the point?

The point is that my assmod dosent work porperly as admin whit the functions, and i cant update it, that will breake perp.

You using PERP is the problem.
EDIT: Also if you knew any lua you could fix the problems with Assmod and PERP

Don’t forget the appalling language he’s using. I simply don’t understand the ‘u’ and ‘breake’. Sure, he’s from Denmark, but he could at least use Google Translate.