garrysmod server host transferring

Hello Im planning on changing hosts for my server and I want to keep the same
database files such as points from pointshop for each player
as well as the banlist and ranks/permissions for groups is there a way to do this? if there is what do I need to exactly copy?

Essentials are:


honestly its better to just copy /garrysmod/

The file you are looking for is called sv.db - it’s located in the root of your server directory and contains information regarding pointshop points, players and other data such as DarkRP values.
ULX on the other hand uses plain .txt files iirc, which should be located in the /data folder, so take that aswell.

Either way, it’s best to just move the entire server directory (/garrysmod/) from one host to the other as SquirtleZ stated.

thanks I guess I will do that it should save a lot of trouble although transferring it will take hell long time thanks to my crappy internet.

You can always ask your host to do it for you.