Garrysmod Server Ip and Connection Problems

After following countless guides on the internet, and getting help from about 6 steam friends that own or have owned steam servers, and a week of figuring all this crap out, I have decided to ask for help myself for a specific problem that nobody on the whole internet has seemed to grasp or answer correctly.

I am currently trying to run a SRCDS Server on a Windows Vista 64-bit pc.
The server is created correctly, and I can join it. Except for the fact that it’s in my LAN, and it is using as an IP. Everyone has told me to go to websites that display your public ip, and then tell my friends to go to that address to join my server, which would generally be
However, they say that the server is not responding and cannot join. I have port forwarded all ports correctly, and have sent screenshots to some friends of the ports I forwarded, and they said I have done it right. The server connects to the steam servers, I can join it, but nobody else can.
My question is, why can’t people join the server at I can’t add it to favorites, I am only allowed to add it by There are other problems I have factoring into this as well. Nobody has answered my other questions like: Is the server supposed to be using as an IP? Of course it’s not, and another question I have related to to this is, Does it only show up for me under that IP, but in actuality, it shows up as for other people?

How do I get the server out of LAN, and onto the Internet?
How do I get people to connect to the server, since all they get is server not responding?

Also, When I type ip into the servers console, it says:
ip= (def. “localhost”)
-Overrides IP for multihomed hosts.
Why does it display that as an IP, if according to these websites, my public IP is really and not
I cannot add the server into my favorites unless I add it by, any of the other IP’s, which is what the server should be using, do not work when trying to add it to favorites.
That is another problem I am having. ANY help would be appreciated at this time , and please contribute, Edit: WISELY

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Sergei, Gtfo

That shouldn’t be a problem.

Yes, at least it works like that for all of my servers.

Check that sv_lan is set to 0.

Try to type “ip” or “ip”.

K well, the server works now. I had to tinker around with some DNS server stuff for some reason, and a couple other things, and I got it to work :open_mouth:
Thanks |:D