Garrysmod Server Lag


So whenever my server gets above 15 Players it lags like hell. It doesn’t seem to effect ping’s but appears to be FPS lag.

Server Specs:
Intel Xeon CPU X3440 2.53ghz (4 Cores 8 Threads)

100MB Line

sv_maxupdate 33
sv_maxcmdrate 33
sv_minrate 1500
sv_maxrate 30000

Ive tried everything from setting rates to running a clean server yet it still persists.

Anyone got any thoughts?

Oh and this only appears to effect GMOD. Other servers on the box don’t seem to lag at all above 15 slots.

Does it happen only to you, if it does
do you play on the same computer as where you host the server?
That might be the problem

Its hosted in a datacenter. And happens to everyone.

Someone made a topic about this for his TTT server, only it gets above 22 players.
I really don’t know, maybe wait for garry or Gmod13 to come out?

Not sure why you have max cmdrate and updaterate as 33 when default server tickrate is 66 for garrysmod?

Yea but this even occurs even when the rates are higher too.

What gamemode are you running, how much activity is there on the server regarding people building things if it’s a sandbox one, what map is it running? All of these things are relevant when it comes to GMOD.

Happens on any map. and TTT.

Could just be a problem with TTT itself, seen if any other servers have the same issue?

Try running the process on high priority if you can afford to.

We run 24 slots without any lag and same gamemode, in fact we have some edits that make it a bit heavier to run.
We do get a bit of client side lag at the round start when the server is full but that’s just the way TTT works. The lag dissipates after about 4-5 seconds into the preparing stage.

E3-1230 for the UK one, and HT is on.

@MonkeysLP probably a bad idea in my opinion, with windows.

If you can Neddy set the server CPU affinity to only use 1 core. It could be windows swapping it around like mad, each time causes micro-stutters.

the FPS of the server randomly spikes to below 30 sometimes. Ive set it to 1,2,3,4 and it still causes the weird lag. Only happening above 15 players.

Try just ONE core was my advice, not 4.

Yea But I said ive tried 1 , 2, 3 and 4
all of them.

Oh I thought you meant something else.

Is this running pure default TTT with no extra addons etc? ? You’re the admin in the steam group.

What is the CPU % at overall when the lag starts happening? My experience with the X3440 is horrible when it comes to Garry’s Mod hosting - it does the job but it can’t really handle high player servers in my experience.

Try setting the tickrate to 33 - I can’t imagine 66 -> 33 would have a huge impact on something like TTT