Garrysmod Server Update Uitility (Steampipe)

You may be wondering how to update your Gmod server to Steampipe. Here’s how to do it, and I even included a little batch file for you that will update the server for you.

  1. Download SteamCMD, the replacement of hldsupdatetool.

  2. Extract steamcmd.exe to C:\SteamCMD (make the folder)

  3. Download this batch file

  4. Extract the contents to c:\SteamCMD

  5. Make a folder called c:\srcds

  6. Run the batch file “update server.bat”

  7. Your server is updated

If you want you can even edit the batch files to suit your needs, like changing the app id to whatever game you want, or changing the directories.

Game download servers (in the file update.bat, change where it says app_update [number]: