Garrysmod Shot My RAM!

Before you go trolling:
I have 4 GB RAM. Checked. 3.95GB RAM.
I have 700 GB free hard drive spam. Checked.
Garrysmod Graphics are set on low. Checked.
Closed ALL programs except Garrysmod and Steam. Checked.

Now that you know that above information, I don’t want the “get more RAM comment.”

Lately, Garrysmods ben having some “Issues”, I shall call them, and well, its not working in a proper manor. First of all, Fire. Makes so much lag, you’d think my PC was from 1985. Whats up with this? Not cool. Second of all, Fraps. I get 5 FPS when recording? No, I got 75 FPS 3 months ago. No joke here. I get 55 FPS in TF2, seriously, Garrysmod? So, whats up? Why is Garrysmod being pissy?

Trolls, the power of the :expressionless: face compells you.

Why do so many people have that avatar?

Altough offtopic, that avatar was default, but I fixed it. Back on topic, please?

Well, I don’t know about the rest of it, but Fraps isn’t very reliable for recording. I know it’s cliché to say this, but use source recorder. Anyone watching whatever you make, will thank you.

I like source recorder, but its slow, hard to make things with the physgun and such, because controlling your things in the war of screenshots is tricky, and, I hate converting it to a video, takes so long. (By long I mean, 30 seconds instead of 5) And, its not just for Fraps that I want this fixed. 30 burning Gmen isn’t fun anymore when its lagging.

Record a demo, then record the movie.

Do you have a decent video card?

As he said he had decent FPS before then probably yes, reinstall/update your video card drivers.
You might also want to reinstall garrysmod by renaming the garrysmod folder to garrysmodold, then start the game and steam will extract all files again.

This issue can be really anything, specs please?

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Reading your post again and noticing you have high FPS in TF2, it cant be any fault with your hardware, install GMod as said above

What’s your specs?

“4GB RAM” Doesn’t tell us anything.

Clean your addons? I think alot of addons come in 3 months. I had FPS 30. Cleaned addons folder from useless addons and got 60. Vanilla gmod is 120fps on gm_construct.

Wait, You said you closed everything? From Task Manager? If from task manager, then you might have closed Video Card drivers too. I think those might give a boost to fps if those are enabled.

Ok, let me catch up here. I have about, eh, 5 addons. So, no issue there. And, when I said I closed everything, I meant like, useless things, such as GoogleToolBar and Java and stuff, not System things of things I don’t know. I don’t know anything about hardware, so I don’t even know what specs are.

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This might help:

About 2 months ago, my harddisk crashed, and I lost everything. I sent my computer in, and the replaced my HARDDISK, not the whole computer, with a harddisk with THE SAME AMOUNT OF MEMORY. I got it back, and installed Garrysmod. JUST Garrysmod (And HL2 (because I know you’ll be trollin)) and it was like this.

But maybe you have alot of useless materials/models/sounds/lua files?

Do you play in fullscreen or windowed?
I played L4D2 in windowed. My FPS was 2. I turned off explorer.exe and my fps went to 100. But that is only a case when windowed, cuz in fullscreen, GPU doesn’t have to show desktop and shyt.

You literarily mean your computer got a gun. and shot himself. in the RAM?
That’s pretty Bad-ass!

Try Disk Fragmentations?
Or trying doing a fresh windows install. allways good :3

Your system obviously isn’t the problem. I used to get a 65-70 FPS average like back in July before all the homosexual updates that somewhat broke everything. I really haven’t found any solution to this. I haven’t played the game since maybe 3 months, but id guess nothing has really changed. Just basically try and free up resources, like go into the Processes tab in Task Manager and turn everything non-essential off. Also go and download CCleaner by Piriform, and do a registry scan/clean. Defragment, and if you have Mcaffe you should just go ahead and shoot your self now cause anything Mcaffe related causes a SHITLOAD of problems. If you have a Antivirus program go ahead and disable windows defender, trust me it really doesn’t do anything. Turn off all the “Your system may be at risk!” messages that appear from disabling it. Also go on a deleting spree, delete everything that you never use. Go do a game defrag in Steam. Also you could try another program called GameBooster, it temporarily disables all processes non essential to gaming, with I think 1 click…? Basically do everything stated above and anything else you can think of to free up resources. But if anything get CCleaner, it’s my favorite program ever.