Garrysmod Silent Hill Horror movie

Garrysmod Silent Hill Horror movie

I made this eariler today, the reason is because i haven’t used frap’s for a while and haven’t played garrysmod properly for a while.

The ending i took, from my other account “Benzilla04” but originally was from another video.

Could you watch it, and rate me feedback please, it would help in my future videos. :slight_smile:

You tube Link:

Too dark, use
[/media] and the other, you took it from Steinmann
Wanna prove it?

i know, i said that… i just couldn’t remember his youtube name.

This is in the wrong section. This needs to be here
Ask a mod if they can move it for you.

To the video. May I recommend Catmull-Rom Cinematic Cameras for smooth cam movements. Idea isn’t bad. This tool will improve upon it greatly.

Oh, sorry i didn’t read your description.

Ok, Thanks you. Really appreciate the help. :slight_smile: