Garrysmod simply quitting.

So I go into steam and launch Garrysmod. It loads correctly here. The small window pops up saying "preparing to launch Garrysmod. After that goes away Garrysmod starts to load, then after approx. 5-7 seconds my screen goes dark for a second then it goes back to my desktop exactly how it was before I loaded Garrysmod. It’s as if I had never even attempted to load it. I tried gain and the same thing keeps happening. I have no idea what could cause this because I played Garrymod earlier that today and it was working fine. Not it’s not, and i haven’t installed anything into Garrysmod or even used my computer really. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Please… PLEASE check the other threads, the WHOLE FIRST PAGE is filled with this crap.

Good thing we have a moderator keeping track of every thread about this and referring people to them.


Nah, I’m just copying every thread link into a Notepad document and pasting into new threads.

I did check the front page, sorry.