Garrysmod sound name?

Im looking for a alarm sound for a map for garrysmod, it has a built in nuke and alarm system. But I cant find a sound that works on garrysmod.

Anyone know a good one that works?

The silo alarm from episode 2?

Yea… Somthing like that.

I’m saying use that…

Oh… Ok my bad.

Ok, do I need to map with EP2 in order to get that sound…or?

It’s fine, I can see how you got confused.

Do I need to map with Ep2, or do I just use the script name from garrysmod?

I think you need to map from Episode 2.

Well, I guess I have to install it. Lol


I found it… Silo 12 sounds nice… Ok thanks lotz

I ran into a problem, I changed the sounds. Now the maps sound is now the silo 12, its combine alarm. It says Silo, but its not silo. Unless me map isn’t compiling…

Yea, its not compiling. What the hell…


Now I have a few issues,

Alarm wont work in garrysmod (No Sound), is that because my server doesn’t have it?
Camera doesn’t work. I used func_monitor and point_camera

Can anyone help me here??