Garrysmod SRCDS FastDL (MISSING MAP ERROR) How do i fix?

Okay i have a SRCDS server. Now the problem is, when i have my friends join they fast dl will look like its downloading fast. Then all of a sudden he gets a error message saying he’s missing the map.
Now i looked on a tutorial about how to setup a fastDL server. This part i cant understand: So… edit it with the web server URL in front of the game server URL. Like this:\MapName.bsp\MapName.nav”

Replace with your Web server URL
Save it. And do it with all your download lists. .lst Restart your server. And delete all your maps you used in your server, from your local Computer. Connect to the game server.

That doesnt make any since to me. Can anyone clear that up for me? ( Also if you can post a Example of what your talking bout then that would be nice :smiley: xD)

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It’s much simpler. bzip ( the files you want on the fast download server. Then you upload them to a folder on your webhost. For example, your map, materials and models folder is in . What you need to do is add that link into sv_downloadurl on the file server.cfg