Garrysmod SRCDS server **!big problem!**

I got a huge problem with SRCDS! I cannot get work any gamemodes, exept: DarkRP,GMStranded and sledbuild! Any zombiesurvival, redead, resident evil wont work on my server! i have checked installation many times! All of them works in single player?

Would you be kind and tell us more about the nature of your problem? We’re no magicians or mind-readers!

It got many yellow text lines (error’s), guns doesnt work, there is no zombies, and i there is theyre not moving, menus doesnt work almost everything doesnt work!

Maybe you’re using a old version? Old versions generally don’t work due to outdated code.


And that’s what causes the Lua errors, too, most likely (Or maybe the guns are broken)

Post the Lua errors here