Garrysmod startup failing

I am having issues starting up garrysmod. i get the hl2.exe error whenever i try to load up garrysmod. Im trying to access garrysmod through an external hard drive i have. Apparently i tested other games like Day of Defeat which managed to work fine. I already tried to fix my problem by copying my whole steam folder to my computer from my external hard drive and play it from there but didnt work. I then tried reinstalling it on my computer but it didnt do anything. So i deleted the copy of my steam that was on my computer because i already have it on my external hard drive. Help would be appreciated very much.


Well, I have a few theories.

  1. That disk is very scratched
  2. You should probably reinstall that game
  3. Wait for another post from someone more helpful then I am

Garrysmod doesnt come on a disk and I already tried to reinstall.

do you have Team Fortress 2?

They had an update a few days ago that had a side affect of making GMod full when it was starting up. (this might have been fixed, not sure).

If you do have TF2, read this thread

No I do not own TF2, any other ideas?

Reinstalling Garry’s mod. Thats what I did with my Episode 2 to make it real models.

Already tried a decent amount of times. After couple of hours of trying, i decided to seek help which i have been doing now for this site. Any other ideas?

Reinstall everything (From steam). If your that very desperate, reinstall computer.

already got computer wiped because of a virus. Its only a hl2.exe error. Any other ideas?

Delete the hl2.exe and play again. It should re-install it while loading.

My computer is wiped but i have an external drive plugged into my computer right now via usb. all my fiels that were on my computer is on my external so id rather not wipe that.



Well, I ran out of my hat-tricks.

Thank for the quick idea for a fix. I’ll try your idea of reinstall. Thanks


I tried reinstalling half life 2 but the “hl2.exe encountered a problem” crash just keeps happening whenever i try to load up halflife 2 and garrysmod. Please assist!

Try moving Steam and your Steam apps to your main computer, and not your external.

I figured out the problem. I added Direct X which fixed it i guess. I tried 1 other solution which might of worked but, cant explain. ehe