Garrysmod strange crash/black screen? Help me please :/

So I just started having this crash happen after the garrysmod update a while back. My gmod usually runs fine and the only time it used to crash was if I joined a server without starting singleplayer first. But this is a serious problem. Its actually preventing me from getting my daily gmod fix :open_mouth:

It happens randomly, and I never know when to expect it… I’ll be playing and then all of a sudden the screen freezes for about 10 seconds, then I hear everything unfreeze but the screen is black. I can still play though thats the weird part!! I can hold down Q and click where the props are and I hear them spawning. I can pause the game and move the mouse around and hear it moving over the options. It does this all the time now and I really need help!

Thanks for any helpful answers!

Yea when you join a singleplayer first then join a server usually works. But you can try stuff like veiw integrty of game cache. And deleting your cache and lua folder. THen join a singleplayer to recreate those folders.

I think we just got something BIGGER then you think my friend…

What are your computer specs?