Garrysmod super massive insane map for aircraft

i would love to see a massive map where its like 8x bigger than flatgrass for basically flying aircrafts.

Not doable due to Source limits.

A good thing to do is make your aircraft a lot smaller and use them like RC toys instead, that way you have a lot more room to fly.

It is doable, there was a discussion in a beta thread about it. Garry pretty much said hes too lazy to do it though.

Lazy? He would have to pretty much rework the entirety of the Source Engine. Including creating his own map compiler.

He shipped a new engine…

If I remember that discussion correctly, it wasn’t possible because the source engine is optimized around that specific max map size (one of the things I remember is that nodes use a short integer => max value of 65535 units)

Sure it sucks that source maps are so small, but to extend them is to rewrite the engine. Maybe HL3 will bring bigger maps, and maybe we’ll still be alive by then :v:

Edit; maybe if someone wants to make an addon that shrinks everything to 1/8th the size we can have “super huge” maps. It is possible, we have the technology now! (probably laggy though)

If coders actually played sandbox we would have this by now.

Devinity 2 is a gamemode thats basically EVE in Gmod (its made that big because of the scaling it does)

Which as impressive as it is, I wouldn’t expect a quick release.
We’ve been fawning over the update videos for Devinity for years now. Granted, it truly looks outstanding but until it’s out then I’ll expected it to be eventually released as a half finished gamemode for someone else to finish, who won’t.

The Gravity Hull Designator comes with an infinite version of flatgrass.

No. As far as I remember, he said he had to recode most of Source’s way to handle maps, had to do a new SDK and all tons of crap just to make all new maps work so you would get some more space, which meant all older maps were to be ruined and non-working. He also said that Source was never made to go above these limits, which meant you’d get instability. He also said that it would take him months to do it, so it was just not worth the time and effort when you looked at the pros and cons. Don’t quote me on this though, because this is what Garry said about a year ago and this is just how I remember it.

Why was my post rated dumb? It is seriously an infinite version of flatgrass made via some coding and trickery. If you don’t believe me download the tool.