Garrysmod Sweps Problem

I have a shitload of sweps installed like the kermite weapons packs and ww2 sweps

a couple weapons have a problem, When I take them out the original texture disappeared, they are showing up to be complete silver.

Ive had these problems with other sweps ever since I bought garrysmod 3 years ago yet, its really starting to bother me now

Um can i get some help?

Tried reinstalling the sweps? if that doesn’t work, reinstall gmod

This happens many times with many people.
The main problem is usally that you don’t have the game data for the gun texture. So if I want a gun pack that uses CSS models I will need CSS or the CSS data.

So to fix your problem get then game or the models and textures that come with the game.

CSS Textures:

CSS Models:

If your scope still dosen’t work:

If after all of that it dosen’t work reinstall the weapons then if it still dosen’t work, reinstall GMod.