Garrysmod -The Minigames idiots

This is the Garrysmod Minigames idiots. Was playing around and making new friends and frapsed allot, Actually 63 gb (Fraps was on HD as always). Then I decided to do this, a bit of “montage”. Pretty funny though.


Garrysmod - The Minigames idiots (HD): :axe:

Not good.

:objection:In what way? Can you give some feedback?

/// Sgt. Ellman


You recorded yourself playing a minigame for 12 minutes, that’s not funny or entertaining, it’s just boring. Also don’t sign your posts.

It was entertaining for me bro! And another thing…he can do whatever the hell he wants.

It wasn’t entertaining for me and I can do whatever the hell I want. Don’t sign your posts.

No matter how good or bad the video is please use


Is that suppose to be funny or something? Because i see this video as pointless. :

One word… pointless


this shit was tight :fyadride:

My bad sry for that, I dont have to be on that server anymore also, My clan hosts 4 servers.

What. Don’t bump 1 week old thread to say such uninteresting stuff.

  1. Don’t sign your posts. Don’t add signatures. These features are disabled for a reason and will get you banned.
  2. Don’t record videos of you and your friends playing unless you know, you’re all actually funny.

So you are trying to tell me I’m not allowed to do videos of me and my friends playing because you dont like it. haha that’s actually funny.

All that people said was right, and I might add that this music ** friggin sucks **

the fuck you smokin bro?

I also sense a troll ban inc.

No, you’re not allowed to just use this section as a dumpster for your shitty level playthroughs.

If you keep recording unfunny videos you’re just going to get worse and worse reactions until nobody is even attempting to give you criticism.

That title doesn’t sound quite right.