GarrysMod Tower (We fixed everything)

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GarrysMod Tower is a gamemode, that’s been out for about 2 years now and I’m not going to lie, it’s been slowly declining ever since. But now, We’ve cleared all the shitty Admin abuse of the past, the random buildings around the tower. We got rid of the weapons, privadmins and last but not least the terrible Anime/Weaboo/Furry playermodels and references It’s now alot more civilized, there’s more sensible players, it’s alot like GMT when it first started out, clean and proper, GMC is also alot more easier to get too.

But all the problems it’s had in the past have seem to affected the Playercount drastically, so I’m here today as a Community Manager of GMod Tower to ask you to give the server another go, if you don’t like it, that’s cool, remember to tell your friends though.

If you’re new to GMod Tower this should help you out.

You can find out alot more on our gamemodes and the tower itself here.

I myself am a Community Manager, alongside Clopsy and Santasia.
Santasia and I regularly check up on the tower, help a few people out, and host hand-made events.
Infact I have just Started some Summer events here.

GMT is no longer being worked on however, content wise, (Bug Fixes excluded) for a brand new gamemode with similair Gamemode features, Pheonix,which is currently In Devlopment alongside a new open-source gamemode Zombie Massacre which is currently underway also.


Thank you Video

Christmas 2010 Promo

We hope you’ll give the server another chance

I thought you lot ran out of money?

We still are, but we’re making it.
A few donations would be very helpful though, and will guarentee you some awesome exclusive stuff in the new gamemode coming.

I think it’s kinda funny how I’m still listed as a donator even though I donated £3 two years ago.

Well that’s a sign your contribution is at least not forgotten.

The problem I found with playing GMT is it got boring and repetitive really fast. The lack of fun in the main server just adds more to the point.

I thought about this and before I could speak any common sense into myself I realized something, you probably weren’t listening to the radio in your hotel enough.

Maybe if the youtube worked like it should this would be funner

I always imagine being able to sit in my suite watching youtube with some friends but god damnit it never works

But it should if I recall.

I haven’t played this in forever though.

Going to go try right now

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I remember this being tons of fun. :slight_smile:

I want a furry suit and some rope please. :slight_smile:

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And a nice high ceiling to jump off of.

I’m gonna give this a try.