Garrysmod Trouble in Terrorist Town problem

i just got my gmod dedicated server up and it is running sandbox just fine. i was wondering tho how i get it to run ttt gamemode instead of sandbox because i downloaded the ttt file from their website, and put the folder in the apropriate spot but when i restart my server it still runs sandbox. Does anyone know what i do to get my server to start with ttt instead of sandbox?

p.s i heard of putting “sv_defaultgamemode” “ttt” in the servers console but it still wouldent work. i might be doin this wrong too thou…

You know how to edit launch options?

No quotes in your console commands.

I have a problem-I have an emo-texture then I press tab (in left corner) and then I try to view a tutorial (F1).

It’s “terrortown” I believe.