Garrysmod Update 81 Help & Support Thread

Update 81 is here, and there’s bound to be some bugs and glitches along the way, so try and keep them in this thread if, and only if it’s occured since the gmod update.

[li]Fix for servers using scriptenforcer and datastream:[/li][/ul]

If the above still doesn’t work, see:

[li]Fast Downloading regarding the cache has changed.[/li][/ul]

For further information on FastDL, see:

[li]To fix datastream (serverside only):[/li][/list]

[li]To fix clientside files not being added:[/li][/ul]

Otherwise, if you have any other issues, post below and hopefully we can sort the problem.

I like the new method of a single dua file, but now my Garry’s Mod crashes every time it shows ‘Sending Client Info’. And then boom. Garry’s Mod crashes.

Can you provide any crash dumps? They’re located in your (first) garrysmod/ folder. Try to sort them by date and upload the time specific ones only. Garry and / or Azui can use them to solve any other bugs quickly.

Yes I can. I already took some logical steps in fixing the problem with no success.
Here is the Crash Dump:

You and me both. What I love about these updates is how they test it.

To be fair, they can’t really test it between themselves and catch every bug. It requires a larger scale to catch the smallest of bugs, and not many people did test the binaries that AzuiSleet nicely put out.

So any idea what may be causing me to crash?

Nope, I had a couple of crashes myself. I’ve forwarded the file on though.

Nope. I don’t need hacks to play.

Could have said the it was module and spelled it right. gm_bbot is my old BaconBot_v3 that I made. I removed the module and it works now. Thanks anyways.

I don’t use cheats either, but one of the crashdumps turned up with that in.

I haven’t used my own aimbot is freaking months. LOL

I think garry would be better off rolling back right before the update of January of 2010, right before the new backround screen and fonts and the status bar when loading. The janurary update started the crashing era.

He simply fixes things that arent broken… You love garry for his game, but hate him for his updates.

I don’t mind, most of the time crashes etc don’t affect me because I don’t install 50+ crappy addons full of useless shit. In this case, thanks to the crashdumps the problems has been traced and Azu is in the process of patching it.

Can’t really complain seeing as the road to updates is getting much smoother.


Re-ENABLE it on the main menu in gmod. It disabled it for me.

what happened to “scriptenforce_createmanifest”? not showing up on my server nor locally.

The create manifest command has been obsolete for about 5-7 Gmod updates now. The server automatically generates the manifest. Just add the command sv_scriptenforcer 1 to your server.cfg and it’ll do the rest.

thanks, would have been nice to be able to use search to find this out :confused:

Trying my best guys, if you’re having datastream issues, you need to revert lua/includes/modules/datastream.lua to the pre-patch version,

Either I’m missing something or it’s still broken, but Derma skins aren’t working.
Not showing up anywhere and the “Addons” tab of the Extensions menu… doesn’t really do much except show me what I have.

Wait… disregard this. Just found Tobba’s addon that fixes this.

E: Re-regard it, Tobba’s addon did nothing.