Garrysmod Update 89 General Discussion

According to the changelog in the Gmod folder, here’s the updates;

[li]Fixed multiplayer dialog error[/li][li]Fixed rendering onto VGUI[/li][li]Fixed fast zombie crash[/li][li]Added menu_plugins for menu addon creators[/li][/ul]

Getting the “Server and Client version” do not match error, or “The server you are trying to connect to is running an older version of the game”? **This means the server has to be updated. Or you need to restart your Gmod **(usually the former).

As per usual, if you get stuck or find a bug, try and report it here or in the “Engine feedback thread” in the lua forum.

Linux bins have officially been released. ( . Report any problems and suggestions to [EMAIL=“”]

If you think that it’s a problem others can help with, then visit to see if anyone can assist you.[/release]

Otherwise, seems to be a pretty good update.

I cannot connect to my server, my GMOD crashes when I reach “sending client info”

Having this too.

Mine just keeps saying “Server and Client version” when I try to connect to a server.

Server is most likely using fastdl, and it needs to update its’ cache.

OH GOD. Thanks for reminding me! :slight_smile:

Arrangements that the error when entering a server to the point where you go and get the last line to get a hl2.exe error

Server needs to update it’s fastdownload cache.

It’s not really much of an update. The least Garry could’ve done was looked for more bugs to crush to include.

He should’ve added “Released linux binaries” to the list to avoid confusion, I think this is the second time I’ve seen these patch notes. Either that, or fast zombies are just REALLY glitchy.

I believe the fast zombie crash was related to something else this time around.

Does not need a thread.