Garrysmod Upload Reported

I uploaded my file to and after about 15 minutes it stops and says “500 internal server error”. I then go to my profile page and see that it did upload. I click it, its the full filesize. But before i looked at that i noticed at the top “This file has been reported” and blah blah blah. No one else has downloaded it yet, and it just got uploaded. I really wish to know why my upload is “reported”.


There are a bunch of reasons why it could be that you got banned. It would probably help you out, in getting a response, if you included a steamID tag, and what you were uploading to toybox (I.E., from my understanding, radio ents that aren’t absolutely unique could get you banned, stealing someone else’s script - which can be viewed without downloading - can also get you banned, etc.) Also, multiple uploading of the same file, they treat as spamming, and can get you banned.

More info is needed. Also, read this…!

I did’t upload it to toybox. I uploaded it tog, plus, my file is still there, it just says it’s reported. Heres the link to it.

My apologies, I was reading two threads at once. I see that other peoples work was included in the pack, did you get permission from them to use them? (Also, it could be that someone registered a virus. Frankly, I don’t trust Gamebanana any more, I recieved a couple from them in the past. Or it could just be you got flamed…8^( )

It said reported before it even got downloaded, and it was right when i first looked at it after it uploaded.