Garrysmod will not let me add more ammo

Garry’s mod will not let me add more ammo to a swep I’m holding. If I type the console command to give me 9999 ammo it doesn’t work now. ALSO I start off with 101 health. HELP PLEASE!

  1. If you actually wrote ‘give me 9999 ammo’ you are silly, thats not the command.
  2. That’s an addon thats making you start with 101 health or you are trolling.

Open swep menu, right click swep.







I know it’s givecurrentammo, I’m just saying that for people who maybe don’t know the command. But with all my sweps givecurrentammo only give me 1 extra bullet. I really need help

Right click on the swep’s icon in the sweps menu and then pick up the swep when it is spawned. Unless you are talking about cloudscript weapons, in which case I dunno.

i lol’ed :roflolmao:

Use givecurrentammo

Did you read his last post? He did, it only gave him 1 ammo.

No i just skimmed

impulse 101

Or you could do what I said and not have to use cheats.

ent_create (weapontype) or ent_create (ammotype).

bind key givecurrentammo. Gives me 99999 ammo for some reason.

If yours using cheats, you did make sure to enter “sv_cheats 1” first right?

I am, but I just installed non svn gm_mount2 so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

try. ammolimit 0

It shouldn’t.

Here are some pics of what it does, I just start off with 101 health, and givecurrentammo doesn’t work. In the pictures I’m hitting my binded givecurrentammo key and it doesn’t add ammo.