Garrysmod Will not start

Okay, Garrysmod will not start up for me. It goes to “Preparing to launch Garrysmod” then that goes away and nothing happens. I’ve deleted ClientRegistry.blob and try to start up Garrysmod, but nothing happens and clientregistry.blob just appears back into my steam folder, I’ve reinstalled Garrysmod but that didn’t fix it either.

NOTE: I haven’t downloaded any addons since it was last working, go I don’t think addons are the problem

Right click on Garry’s Mod in Steam, and select “Properties”. Click on “Set launch options”, and in the box that pops up, type “-fullscreen”. Garry’s Mod should now operate normally.

I’m moving my Garrysmod folder (the second one) to my desktop (emptying Garrysmod\Garrysmod) and if it still doesn’t work I’ll try that. Btw thanks for the reply.