- A classic, reimagined is a new repository of Garry’s Mod downloads, created as a successor to and a great alternative to the Workshop for those who like customisation, visibility, and tinkering.

The site was accidentally deleted a few months ago and was a great resource for content as well as learning. With lots of commercial script sites popping up, I saw the opportunity to bring back and improve upon a classic, with no financial burdens on uploaders or downloaders. The workshop creates a hurdle for people who want to download and configure or tinker easily.

Garry has very kindly agreed to point the domain at the site, despite his feeling that a site like this is no longer required (but acknowledges that a lot of people would disagree with that)!

The site has been created to allow for free uploading and downloading of Garry’s Mod content. All files are hosted on S3 and are a one click download. I’m willing to absorb hosting costs unless it becomes unmanageable at which point I’ll look to the community for assistance on that.

Some new features include: A fresh, modern design. Downloads are grouped into types so you don’t see dupes or saves if you’re looking for models etc. There’s also the ability to follow other users to see their activity on the site. Descriptions can use BBCode to improve formatting, and can also embed YouTube videos directly. A throwback to the classic site is download buttons like the one below.

Wares/leaks/malicious/other inappropriate files are not allowed and will be removed, and there are a couple of rules regarding uploads. There are automatic warnings for any downloads containing potentially malicious files like dll’s and exes. Reporting links are in place to get inappropriate files removed. I will be looking for a few moderators to help manage the site, but please do not contact me about this, I’ll look for moderators as demand requires.

PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD ALL OF YOUR ADDONS THAT YOU DID NOT CREATE YOURSELF. Give the original author’s time to upload their own work, and fill in the blanks after some time has passed.

It would also be hugely beneficial to all involved if only working addons were uploaded and not old broken code.

The site is now online at, with a redirect coming soon from There will probably be a few little bugs, so feel free to either use the contact form or this thread to report them.

Pretty happy seeing someone competent starting a site like this :v:

Although, 20MB upload limit? Models were a big thing, and maps too.

Please make it so we can get direct downloads, directly wget-ing an addon onto a server is the one thing i want from a site like this

awesome work!

i am personally not a fan of the visuals. it feels too bright and unorganised

The nostalgia is real.

I’ve upped the limit to 200MB, that was an oversight. I don’t really want to allow files larger than that because they really will start eating up data.

Direct download links will probably happen through an API so can block data abusers if required. I’ll add it to the todo list, thanks.

I get really excited whenever Adam does anything related to Gmod, so I was very happy to test this last night

Something like this is what I’ve wanted for a long time, I really hope people contribute to this!

A comments section or something could be nice, as well

Would be great if we could link the download url to a GitHub repo or another trusted source :slight_smile:
Cool website

Looks awesome! You are a true hero! :slight_smile:

Great job! This is going to be a great alternative to workshop.

Can you make the toolbar not scale to the page zoom, though? It’s a bit hard to navigate on mobile with it.

It’s on my list!

Everything is HUUUGE!

Add<steamid64> as an alias of<steamid64> so we can reuse facepunch’s profile links ( once garry adds the redirect )


Awesome, done!

Garry’s Mods, I love the name even though it was probably that cause you couldnt use directly at least :v:

There should definitely be an API so people can automate both uploads (github scripts anyone) and downloads

Where is this dirty bastard?

Can we get the option to host files on our own server since we only get a 200mb limit? Feeling a bit left out with our monster addon that refuse to conform to your minimalist file size standards !! :v:

Will do this.

Also fixed the thing were the large images were getting cropped.

Will there be any filtering so people don’t start tossing in random shit that doesn’t work? Something like a report system or a rating system so people can say “this is shit remove it”.

I regret being asleep when you messaged me, adam! Hit me up on Steam if you’re on :slight_smile: