GarryWare Two (Fretta13)

GarryWare Two is a puzzle game focusing on microgames, which are short games that last for about five seconds.
Yeah, that GarryWare by Hurricaaane.


**Since this is a work in-progress gamemode, I’m not releasing it yet. You can connect to the “round the clock” beta server running at: (not a url)
to play for yourself.

Since this gamemode is no-where near finished, there will be bugs! Many buggy “wares” that will be included in the release have been disabled as of now to provide the best gameplay.
If you see any bugs, chances are I’m aware of the bug and working to fix it.

I BETA tested this gamemode. And I must say it is very unique and amazing! Keep up the good work and I hope to see it updated a lot!

You should probably mention Hurricaaane as the original author in your thread.

Already was linked to the original thread, hopefully it was clear.

Wow, nice job. It looks nice.

Ugh, you’re great. I was gonna try and work on this myself, but saw how big it was and knew I’d get stuck. Will definitely be interested in downloading when it’s done. Both to use and learn from!

Awesome, can’t wait for the release!

Yeah, Garry Ware is back!

Beatiful! I just can’t wait for it! thanks for the good work, man.

Round doesn’t start

If there is an error in the console, could you make a pastebin and link us?

There is no error it just doesn’t never start i was in it eariler with a few friends and we where never able to start a round.

That’s weird

That’s actually a serverside problem with the Fretta round system, if the round ends with 0 players on the server and the gamemode vote initializes it spazzes out. Same goes if no one votes for a gamemode.

Haven’t gotten around to fixing Fretta bugs.

ow, that’s stupid hope it will be fixed soon loved to play this gamemode in gmod 12

Fixed a ton of bugs and added a ton of new minigames. Server is playable now.