Sorry for the stupid question but I own a game server and i wanted to toss Garryware on it. So I made a folder called garryware and did SVN checkout with the link When i connect to the server it looks like everything downloads but when you get in game everything is a checker box missing texture and i know its not my fast DL because it downloads other game modes content fine. Its partially working because you can see the custom HUD and scoreboard but the textures are missing. Any input on how to fix this/whats going wrong would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced!

This has been happening on the stalker gamemode too. Game needs to stop imploding.

Quick question:
Is either the fastdl, the gameserver or both running Linux as OS?
Linux favors a case-sensitive filesystem, while windows doesn’t give a fuck about that and uses a case-insensitive filesystem.
And many who have made things for GMod never factored in the case-insensitive nature of Linux.

Not related to filesystems, but explains the difference between case-sensitive and case-insensitive