Gary Busey's New Seattle Server (Sleepers, PvP, InstaCraft)

name:Multiplay: Gary Busey: Glory Daze
To join bring up the console with f1 and type net.connect “Server I”
Location Seattle
Crafting-time-percent: Instacraft
Slots: 80
Sleepers: yes
Airdrop-min-players: 25


  • pretty basic right now, we have 1 fairly large trading post that we would like to get working.
  • hopefully towns and other player bases.
  • So far only a couple of fair admin who don’t spawn weapons or anything like that.
  • no hackers and admins are on a constant watch.

Hello Everyone, i’ve been getting sick of admin abuse and hacking so i decided to make my own server. It is a friendly laid back server where we all have a good time. Its a good WestCoast server and i hope to see you on there.
Thanks for your time.

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