Gary I got an idea for your next game

Its called Dust.

Its a fantasy game.

All towns replaced with villages and castles. All weapons replaced with bows, swords, shields, etc. Add armor and make houses look a little more like castles and forts.

Instead of radiation killing you in town, its dark magic from the wizards who live there. Also instead of radiation gear make magic resist gear.

Bam new game finished.

Sounds great, maybe also have a dungeon for where the zombies went after Rust.

Hell yeah dungeons are a great idea.

And a Looking for Group Plugin, where you can find a group for the dungeon.
Players can Choose classes. Some wear only cloth armor, others only leather, the strongest are the heavy armor players.
Cloth can be medic and heal. Leather could be some sort of a fast killer, equiped with daggers and the heavy armor guys have shields and can take all the damage.

… oh wait

Or what about Lust?

The possibilities are endless.

hehe no man not like theme park mmo’s

Make it like darkfall or mortal online.


Oh man another good idea.

Man screw Rust. I want to play Dust.

I would much rather see him working on new contet for this game constantly after its finished.

i hope you mean df1.0 and not that crapshit df:unholy wars.

Thats a million dollar idea, lets do it.

Yeah man F*ck unholy wars. I can’t stand that shit.

Why not just make a 3d Ultima Online? The game you’re asking for already basically exists.

You cant just copy such things, trust me im from china, I know copies. :v:

Thats like saying why make rust because its just like other games. Dayz?

I think if you listen to the suggestions here and make those “Dust” and “Lust” games, you have to make a final game called “Bust” and close facepunch studios.

Oh snap. Good one.

And if he ever gets sick of it being called a wizard survival game he can ask the community what to replace them with, and put in black slimes to replace them as a placeholder.

Wait Dust isnt that a furry game?

ok, that was funny