Gary, maybe get in contact with this dude about the network problems

Patrick Wyatt…maybe pick his brain?

Heres a post on his blog about network libs

Bleh, I see no need. They’re already working with the uLink devs to fix the issues, if they don’t they’ll most likely switch network libraries or at the extreme make their own.

$$$ making your own

Hmm, using the Unity system integrates well with the engine’s components.

There’s some truth in no network layer is prone to such attacks, the problem seems to be similar to those which commonly were associated with source engine games. Such as flooding the server with untraceable UDP garbage packets, spamming the console with value overflows until the server comes to a crawling halt and a crash.

Switching to another network layer wouldn’t happen overnight, the right thing is being done by addressing the current implementation. People just need to have patience.

This looks like a nice blog to read. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Ya he has a lot of fun stories about making some epic games and also just general game dev stuff

OMG another “Garry you should try this” thread.

Some people I swear its like they are just stuck on stupid.