Gary Numan ragdoll

Yes, hi.
I’m wondering, if anyone could make a Gary Numan, the singer and songwriter, ragdoll?
I would really, REALLY appreciate it, although, I have nothing of value to give in return. I’m just hoping for a kind heart to pass by and see this request. :slight_smile:

More info on his looks:

lol you’d think the creator of gmod would have added himself as default content,your best bet to get him ingame is to ask him

Gary Numan, the singer and songwriter, not Garry Newman.

oh LOL ya wrong person my bad

Wrong Section, this is supposed to go in the Model and skin request section…

He mentioned in the OP that he put it in the wrong section by accident. :colbert:

Why not a Garry Newman ragdoll?

because gary numan is better

and he doesn’t break his own stuff

Why do we need one?