Gary taking away the building pounding hammer upgrade?

Man I don’t think he should do this, Its great hearing the workers out in the distant hammering away on their houses, like busy beavers… also its fun to follow the hammering sound because
you can sneak up on them and take all their shit…

Upgrading a base is a pain, but completely removing upgrade time is a bad idea. Keep the hammer like it is right now, and make the salvaged hammer cost more to craft (150+ metal fragments ?) but upgrade a lot faster.

I mostly agree.

Right now hammering is a pain because you can easily get all the resources needed to build a full level6 house and you have to spend hours hitting your walls with the hammer.
When rust becomes more balanced, most of your time will be spent gathering resources. Trying to build walls with the hammer while avoiding being killed could be a nice feature.

I think it should be difficult to upgrade, it will force some cooperation with other players as you will need so eone to cover you while building or you will have to hide really well. Either way the payoff should be worth the effort so i hope its harder to break i to bases when all is said and done

I built a 2 floor level 6 base, 4x3, 5 code doors within an hour. And a half…it’s fine. In that time I still had 4 sets of armour/clothing and 12 spare guns. Gary thinks I should have double that?

Oh and I changed my daughters diaper 3 times and fed her…lol

I agree its not hard to build to lvl 5 anyway and from there its easy to work from behind cover.

No it isn’t.

no no no no keep the hammer removed!!!1

Maybe Gary needs to add a hand holding option for those who can’t handle actually having to work to make a safe base. If people are that bent out if shape about getting killed before building something they can add on to in a semi-secure way, maybe they shouldn’t be playing a PVP game.

So much menstration in this game.

Why stop at level 6 upgrade, lets make it much higher and longer to build, but way longer to take down.

Currently, it only takes a Griefer 60 seconds to build a lvl6 wall in front of your entrance and totally ruin your day. With the new “improvements”, they’ll be able to do it in 20 seconds! lol

"Maybe Gary needs to add a hand holding option for… snip

So much menstration in this game."

not yet, we’re all boys until the gender patch.

I’m 50/50 as a 7d2d fan(tho the process could be a bit faster) but on the other hand i really like the idea of preparing prefabs(walls/foundations/etc) so if you put the time in crafting them in advance you can store them away for later use then when needed you can put up a structure much more quickly.

Also the nice extra thing about prefabs is they kind of become valuable loot worth stealing in themselfs once people have put time into crafting them even more so possibly if a prefab has been created by a rare blueprint.

The hardest part is suppose to be gathering the resources, not actually building it. I think you’ll notice that when the amount of resources gained and farmed are balanced the upgrading time won’t really be relevant and it will just be annoying to have the build time. I don’t really care either way to be honest but i just don’t think its that big of a deal. I don’t think you’ll be building level 6 buildings in an hour. The build times are already pretty short so whats the point anyways.

Also in response to the person saying the griefers can now grief that much faster… garry is obviously working to counter the griefers so just give it time.