Garys Mod on Mac OS X?

I would love to see this program on the Mac too since Steam has finally come to that platform. I already own the application and would like to be able to run it on either side. I use the Mac side mostly so this way I wouldn’t have to restart to use this fun game.


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Yes. It is coming. Please, people, do some searching before you create the same thread over and over again.

Why not would it really be that hard to port it over to it?


I can’t do a search it says the database isn’t running

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You should probably just stay with it on your boot camp, installing addons will be a bitch with the way folders work on OS X. And some source games aren’t out on OS X yet, so you might not be able to use ALL your content. I wanted it for OS X at first too, but it’s just better to have it on Windows.

If you guys don’t know what you are talking about, you really shouldn’t bother posting. Garry is currently working on porting gmod to mac. It seems to be going well. Here are some screens from his blog. is his blog.

The osx platform is much different from windows.

Windows runs executable programs, mac doesn’t. So you have to recompile the whole code onto mac, and of course there will be bugs.

unwritten rule of internet posting: if you don’t know shit about the subject, don’t post about it.

are you some kind of computer genius or something

A little known fact is that Mac OS doesn’t run executable programs. It uses iMagic to render flash from the network (sometimes magical too, if there is no other network available), which makes it appear as if you were running applications.

iMagic ~on the cloud~

I love how everyone in this thread (at least initially) were trying to sound all knowledgeable and annoying when in reality they have no idea what they are talking about.

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