Gary's mod won't load past first screen?

So, my mate bought me a bunch of games a couple of days ago because I’m in a foreign country at the moment…
2 of the games he bought me were “Portal” and “Garry’s mod”. And of course i already had TF2. I’ve been playing TF2 for ages without an issue, and finished Portal a couple of days ago without issue. But when I tried to boot up Garry’s Mod, it wouldn’t work. At first, I thought it was just taking ages to load, so i let it do its thing. After a bit over 10 minutes it went back to the desktop with it saying that “hl2 has encountered a problem and has to close”. I thought it would just be a one-off problem, but after many launches the only thing I’ve achieved is for it to close sooner. I thought it might be the engines problem, so I went into portal to see if that would mess up to, But Portal and TF2 are working fine. I’m using Windows Vista. After reading through a couple of other posts i found and tried that, but the only dump folders i have are a couple of TF2 problems… Help please?

Have you tried reinstalling Garry’s Mod? The chances of it messing up first time are pretty slim, though.

Also, try Verifying the Game Cache (Right click Garry’s Mod, click properties, click Local Files, and then Verify Intergrity of Game Cache.)

Finally, could you post your specs?

Ok so i got my laptop second hand from a friend who used it for school… But its still pretty good… i think… i went onto a site and here is what it said :
CPU: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz
CPU speed: 2.0 GHz Performance Rated at: 3.3 GHz
RAM: 3.9 GB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition Service Pack 2 (build 6002), 64-bit
Graphics card: Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family
(As thats probably not on any fancy list, i’ll post the sub-specs)
Video RAM: 1.7gb
3D: Yes
Hardware T&L: Yes
Pixel Shader Version: 4.0
Vertex Shader Version: 4.0

DirectX version: 11.0

I tried verifying game cache and it didn’t work… I’ll start reinstalling it now though… Coldnoodlez, AWAY

Goddamn it takes forever to download stuff on Steam… its at about 83% and apparently it isn’t even downloading anymore ಠ_ಠ

You may end up having some issues with that

same thing here, ive reinstalled with no luck, and i dont know what to do. My computer played gmod perfectly before on highest settings so i dont think its that.

Yeah i know my graphics card isn’t the best… but just if its good enough to run a lot of the older games… then i am content :3

Well nobody seems to be helping me but anyways…
I finally reinstalled Gary’s Mod and nothing happened… Still the exact same problem… No idea what to do now though :confused:

IT’S STILL NOT WORKING… please help… i’m desperate D:

try adding -dxlevel 81 to the start up options?

Bah… tis still not working :frowning: