Gary's Post!

I’m very glad to see you posted an update today!
Hopefully others appreciate you taking the time to tell us whats up and whats down :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the update, please keep it up. :slight_smile:
I look forward to what’s to come. :smiley:

I dont get mods on this site… I posted link to Garrys post,and thread gets closed… ._.

Edit: but yea,Im glad we heard from Garry (:

And so will this one. We dont need these threads

Why not ? are people not allowed to discuss about it ? I thought that whats forum is about… discussion…

Guess i was wrong.

it’s garry btw

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Because it’s a thread about a post in another thread.

Nice… way to code static =)

I am actually glad Face Punch cares about their code base.

Did I miss something? What’s this screenshot about

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Oh fuck haha this thread isn’t about what he said in that one thread this is about a blog post