Gas can from l4d(2).

Is it possible to get a working view/world model for gmod of the gas canister in left 4 dead 1 or 2.

Er…copy, paste? Just access the gcfs for the model and texture and you are done!

Not that easy. L4d has a wierd .mdl file and it isn’t compatible with gmod. You’ll have to hex it.

Easy to do. I can hex models in like 1 minute.

I don’t think hexing has to do with L4D2 porting. What Jack said, take the materials and models, place into a folder, and then you need to use a VTX fixer. The file fixes up the L4D files and makes them compatible with gmod

Thank you Jason. BTW I may be wrong, but have I seen you before? I could swear your name looks familiar.

So, is anyone going to complete this request?

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