Gas mask citizens

Is there anyone going to make those cool citizen models from Get your free TVs?

I have read that Red Katana is going to make one, but there is still no released stuff nor a WIP thread about it.

Thanks for any response!

I don’t think Red Katana will ever release his.
He’s been working on it for ages…

-snip- god damnit.

That was really nasty.

Very sad. Maybe someone else could create one?

I do have a different version of the gaskmask citizen for my HL2 Beta player pack if you want it?
You will just have to wait untill I release it though…

Theres a preview of the model in the thread.

What does it look like?

First one in the row

I remember that one, wasn’t it made by Snood? I never had the chance to download it, well you’ve got my download for your player model pack haha.

It looks great, ShoTGuNGuY49!

But personally I would prefer one that would stick more to the original HL2 Alpha stage citizens.

Actually, I haven’t been working on them in ages, which is why they aren’t done! I’m actually going to start them again after I finish another model I’m currently working on.

Good to hear.
I wanted to use yours for the player pack but you never finished it.

The fuck?

Cool! I want!

Red Katana’s original Gasmask Citizen thread. He posted a picture, someone quoted it saying “Jesus Gordon! Put your pants back on”

I demotivated it.

He’s done this before, this will be the third time he remakes the Gasmask civis and then forgets them when they’re almost done so he can make some models for a mod that will never get released.

Still waiting for this. -.-

Come on why does it have to be dead ?!

Because it’s been almost 3 years since the last post with obviously no progress after that. Why even revive a thread if it’s been dead for so long?

This thread makes me want to start working on this guy again.

I need to redo everything though.