Gas Mask Civilian

Can someone recreate the gas mask civilian from HL2 raising the bar? I think it has been done before but the guy who made it replaced the gas mask with the sas one, But if you could, could you make it using the actual gas mask.

heres a picture

It was either Romka or Red Katana who was working on the model.

But I’d rather not wait for them to finish because it has taken YEARS for them to even post any updates for it.

Gah! there so cool pitty he never released them…Hope some other Half life 2 fan will make this, I think these guys would be great for half life 2 themed poses!

The two images are the models I’m working on.
The models that Romka/Red are working on a MUCH better.

Well Dude I am looking forward to the release of your gasmask civilians, I think there really good!

I don’t know if I’m allowed to release them.
I’m supposed to be making them for the CASTE mod.

You can if you’d like
I was told as long as the rest of the mod isnt leaked you can do what ever

it is YOUR creation after all =P

and to the guy who made this thread, fracken love your avatar

Dude look at your surrounding

As soon as a game or mod is released

We port the models. That´s my official instruction.

Thanks! and yea It is your work not theres so yeah if they complain if you release it just say well you made it. And why would they care anyway?

Not without his permission you don’t.

That is if you don’t want to get the eternal stamp of asshole in to your virtual forehead. Or banned.

Then again mounting source based mods and games isn’t porting.

I don’t think so, buddy.
As Exorade said, you’d be a real dick if you did that.

I’ll release my models on this forum when the mod is released.

Heh yea if it gets released, The mod is trying to create the original hl2 plot, and if you’ve seen the plot designs and such you’ll see that there is a chance that this mod will die in development. also make the little apron flap thing longer

Another Hl2 Alpha/Beta Remix? So that makes about three in development. How about a real attempt at the Half Life Beta?

You’ve got a point there. If it dies, I promise to release everything that I worked on.

Missing Information, GabeN, Romka’s HL2 beta mod, and CASTE.
I’m sure I’m missing more, because I’ve seen them.

Yay! Your one of my favorite model creators EVAR!..