Gas mask

Hey people. I saw this in the gasmask thread.

Could someone model this please? Would be even more badass on a hexed black PMC.

I actually own one of these masks. I’ll see what I can do.

AWESOME! Thanks a lot.

I made one actually

Well the head model anyway, I can give you the model and textures you can slap that onto a model to use

Thats doesn’t seem to look anything like it. But I guess it would work.

My modeling skills weren’t as Up to date then, The texture kinda sucks though, based them off some pictures with a turnaround for the mask. Did you want me to give ya the model and texture?

Nope. I cant model or texture wortha shit.

Alright, I’ll hold onto the model until you can find a modeler for the ragdoll and or NPC, I can’t make Gmod rigs either xP

What about GordoFremen?


guy at the top of the page.2nd post.

Oh xP