Gas masks

Hey guys. Can anyone model me some cool looking and classical gasmasks? I googled for the pictures and here is what I have came up with:

ГП-7 - Russian civil gas mask, model 7

ГП-5 - Same, but model 5

Some Metro 2033 (Game) gas masks. Might be quite portable.

Noone is gonna do this?

It’s only been 7 hours, keep your pants on.

There’s a GP-5 in this pack.

You mean GP-7? Yeah, this might be usefull, but I still need the other ones

No, actually, that is a GP-5 in that pack. If I were you though, I’d PM somebody who has ported stuff from games, or if someone has ported stuff from Metro 2033 already, to see if they were interested in porting the gasmask(s).

Maverik and another guy ported a pile of stuff from Metro 2033 including the hunter helmet. But they didn’t really port any of the other masks and headgear, don’t know why.