Gasmask female

Here is my new parthack and reskin.

I used parts of these models (clic to enlarge):

Then I changed skin

And tested ingame (clic to enlarge)

I hope you’ll like it

Just extract to your garrysmod folder and enjoy :wink:

Looks good man…


haven an artistic though

This looks awesome! This got alot of potencial for posing!
Mostly for one kind…


Sexy :smug:

Love the model.

Even though it’s still just a video game, awesome.

Now all we need is the Physco Mantis ragdoll from MGS

Any chance of making one without the mask?

I think it would’ve looked better if it wasn’t sleeveless.

Just flatten the chest and Voìla!

does this have anims?

Reminds me of Psycho Mantis. Looks great.

It’s psycho mantis sexy sister :q:

Alyx animations I’d assume.

They’re beautiful!

Was expecting badness but instead got bad assness.

The extra ass is good, you see.

Got my DL.

Reminds me of that sexynun pic with the gas mask on…
Za good model you got there…

seconded that! …she’s should be floating! :stuck_out_tongue:

HOOOOOOOOOLY shit. Excellent.