Gatekeeper Module Breaks My Server

So I used to have a module called GateKeeper that I used to kick players without the “Disconnected: Kicked By Console: <reason>” instead it kicks with “Disconnected: <whatever I want>”… My server broke and I got it fixed but for some reason gatekeeper would break it.


Lua Error: Gatekeeper: failed to initialize (pServer is NULL)
Lua Error: [cpp]
There was a problem opening the gamemode file ‘terrortown/gamemode/init.lua’

Load Gamemode: ‘terrortown’
( A bunch of errors having to do with trying to call functions and stuff )

Clients would not get spammed the No Gamemode! issue, instead they would get errors that the console printed:

SWEP (weapon_ttt_m16) is derived from non existant SWEP (weapon_tttbase) - Expect errors!SWEP (weapon_zm_pistol) is derived from non existant SWEP (weapon_tttbase) - Expect errors!

Stuff like that…

Is this because gatekeeper is outdated or something? :S

I installed it to /garrysmod/lua/includes/modules/gmsv_gatekeeper.dll

Also, if I rename it from gmsv_gatekeeper.dll it doesn’t break the server :S ( I have it named broke.dll at the moment )

Update’s on the SVN:

Oh. Thanks!