Gatespawner Help

hey there :slight_smile:
t’ve downloaded both the stargate addon and carters addon pack and they have both worked fine, how ever recently i tried downloading maps and gatespawners for these maps, and this is where the problem comes up. Sometime maps and gate spawners work fine, however sometimes the map works yet is missing the gates, specificaly “rp_stargateworldsv4_b1” and “gm_mobenix_v3_final” are missing however for “sb_voyages” it works fine. Any help greatly appreciated.


P.s first post so if its in the wrong section the sorry.

Same problem.

The only thing that gets printed to my console is the following:

INIParser:parse - File stargate/gatespawner_maps/rp_stargateworldsv4_b1.ini successfully parsed

But no gates.