Gather Rate at Quarry and Pickup

**Hello My Name is Strobel/B]

I got an Problem with my Rust Server i have been puting Increased Gather rate(Gather Manager on it so i made my Server to 3x gathering
but the Problem i got if you pick up Stones, Wood… or a Quarry is “minning” you get Vanilla Gatherrate (1x)

does anybody had mabye the same Problem as me than feel free to help me :happy:

Thank you for reading and the helpfull answers :wink:

You should go to Oxide (or whatever platform you are using) and post a message in the plugin’s thread to get help from the author and other owners using the same plugin.

I have a custom plugin to handle this on my server, not sure if the other published gather managers handle this or not.

Well i were at all Kind of webstites even oxide i tryed all things what they told me to do but non of them worked is there mabye a way to add something in the config ? what lets you get the quarry and pickup ´to more than 1x working?

Sorry for bad english

My plugin simply hooks OnItemPickup and OnQuarryGather and applies different multipliers based on the type of resource harvested.

Ok could you be that Kind to tell me wich plugin you use, Thanks.

Like I said it’s a custom non-public plugin I made for my own server. I would assume GatherManager on Oxide has param for quarries and pickups? It’s a pretty complete plugin.

I made a custom one because I want to acheive perfect balance, the rates for all resources are different on my server, I also have a critical hit system that can yield large amounts in one hit, the salvaged axe is modified, trees yield based on their size, etc.

And before you ask, sorry but no I will not share this plugin, it’s huge and does a whole lot more than that and I have no intention of releasing it.