Gathering a team - Need modeler

I’m trying to put together a steady development team.

Able to make good organic models.
Can rig/animate.
Good skinner.
Willing to bear with my curse of perfectionism.

If you got all of those then hop aboard. If you’re really good at one of those things (minus that final one) then hop aboard anyways. I can have have modeling, rigging, animating, and skinning done separately.

The first thing I want to do with my new development team (which doesn’t exist yet) is to remake (or actually make) the Werewolf Gamemode I never completed. The werewolf model will be a daunting and difficult task. Anyhow, I’m not on any schedule here so if you’re busy now, but won’t be the future, please post anyways.

What happened to the Lycan werewolf model?

It’s ported. I can’t be using illegal content.

Pfft nobody gives a shit about that anymore.


Hex it…

I do.

You don’t understand, I may want to use my later work for commercial purposes, and ported models could get me arrested. And besides, the editable model was off grid, the unwrap was a mess, and rigging it was a bitch. It would be better to have someone make one from scratch.


Do you even know what hexing is?

Also, this isn’t just for werewolf gamemode. I’m trying to assemble a steady team for future work so I don’t need to pull together a shitty rag-tag group of mediocre people (like I usually do).

Sure I could use my ported werewolf, but what about when I want to make a gamemode with a 100 foot long serpent (example)? What then?

lol Use the resident evil monster pack model


He cant use anything ported or ripped from another game because it breaks the copyrights from the game, learn to read.

Plus, there is no werewolf in that pack…

You guys are obviously missing the point here. I’m not asking for models, I’m asking for someone who will join my team, and can make/edit whatever I need.


The serpent thing was an example. Learn to read.

Well I understand your perspective, but I’m terrible at making anything that is remotely organic and I don’t understand how people use zBrush/MudBox. How the fuck do they make those out of spheres? All I can do it edit existing models. Good luck to ye, though.


I could maybe give it a try if you find me some pictures, but the end result probably won’t be posted due to it’s terribleness.

If you know anyone with skills then please help me get in touch with them.

I Wish I Had Skills If Thats Any Help…