Gathering Data..

Alrighty, I’m in a statistics class and am gathering data for the class, as such I thought I would use rust as a perfect example.

Above should be a poll of 0-700+ hours of play time listing and then in the comments below I would much appreciate if you would rate yourself.

1-100 is the rating scale -

              (This scale also includes how well you fight in game but it is less important than how much knowledge you have in game, in other words if you can kick ass but don't know shit about game your rating should be lower)

              1 being that you have little skill in the game itself (such things like knowledge of certain functions of the game; I.E loopholes and special tricks like sitting on top of the roof in little rad) things that you don't know should give you a lower rating.

              100 being that you know every single little detail in the game and every exploit glitch and event with times of how resources respawn, damage variables on every item and weapons with modifications - the big EVERYTHING

I am somewhere around 78 of the game with a few points being dinged because the recent update changing certain things that I had knowledge of.

Also in your comment please list what time you picked in the poll just for extra verification!

Example! - I am at 515 hours rating around 78



I’m just about at 200. I think I have like 195 or something?

200 + Not so funny anymore… :suicide: